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A Little About Boulder Bank Architectural Design

At Boulder Bank Architectural Design we are all qualified. We have an in-depth knowledge of The New Zealand Building Code and years of experience in dealing with a wide range of different councils around the country. Boulder Bank Architectural Design brings the services of high quality architectural design company to more and more people in a unique format that is cost effective and user friendly. At last homeowners are able to access the invaluable professional design services in a way that gives control over costs and level of service. We believe that only should the finished project be what you want, but that everyone is happy about the process that got you there.

Our offices are located at 195 Queen Street, Richmond, Nelson. Our broad experience allows us to look at a variety of options and then assist you to make well-informed choices about your project. We are excited about the work we do and we think it shows.

Whether you are looking to create an extension, renovate your existing house or looking to build something new, Boulder Bank Architectural Design can help guide you through the process. To find out more about our services and how we can help you please visit our services area.

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