Conceptual Design

The first phase in the process involves developing a concept design based on your ideas and inputs. Abstract concepts are developed, tested and redeveloped continually with the aim satisfying your exact requirements. During this time, layout, form and overall appearance of both the building and the site are determined. Drawings and 3d architectural designs are prepared to help evaluate the ideas and concepts.

Working Drawings

With the design of the look of the building complete and approved by you, we now focus on the design and documentation of the details of the project. This phase is known as either working drawings or contract documentation. Working Drawings are the road maps for building your new home. They’re the actual building plans. These scaled down two-dimensional working drawings serve a number of purposes. For example, these will be submitted to your local council for building consent approval. Other sets will help guide suppliers in providing the necessary materials while sub-trades will use theirs as directions for completing their work according to plan.